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The Mayors of Richardson, Texas

Here is a list of all the men and women who have held the office of Mayor of the City of Richardson, with their dates of birth and death, the years of their administrations, with remarks or links to other websites with more information. Underlined name links to Find-a-Grave or an obituary. An asterisk next to number indicated buried at Restland Memorial Park, which is located in Dallas, bordering Richardson.

Although candidates for mayor or city council do not run as members of a particular political party, if known, the mayor's political affiliation is shown by an (R) for Republican or (D) for Democrat next to his or her name.

Number Name Dates and Places of Birth and Death Administration Years Remarks or Link
1* Thomas F. "Tom" McKamy (D) b. 1889, Carrollton, TX; d. 1959, Richardson, TX 1925-1927; 1933-1937 (2 terms) First mayor; served total of 3 terms. Partner in Dallas funeral home that buried bandit Bonnie Parker. McKamy Spring (formerly Bowser Spring) named for him.
2 William Sherwood Spotts (D) b. 1876, Fannin County, TX; d. 1931, Fannin County, TX 1927-1929 Partnered with Sam P. Harben in Harben-Spotts Printing Company.
3* Kit C. Floyd (D) b. 1880, Richardson, TX; d. 1946, Richardson, TX 1929-1931 Only mayor born in Richardson; only mayor employed by railroad that founded Richardson (H.&T.C.). Also managed Walton's lumberyard.
4* Jess Harben (D) b. 1888, Kaufman, TX; died 1973, Richardson, TX 1931-1933 Operated Harben's Drugstore on E. Main Street. There is an elementary school in Richardson named for Jess Harben.
5* Thomas J. "Tom" Jackson (D) b. 1889, Dallas, TX; d. 1955, Richardson, TX 1937-1947 (5 terms) Real estate agent; had office at 110 E. Main (formerly Brack Lotheridge's soft drink stand). Son, Kenneth, killed in WWII.
6* Elmer L. Dabney b. 1895, Giles County, TN; d. 1952, Richardson, TX 1947-1952 (almost 3 terms) Died in office.
7 Thomas C. Longnecker b. 1913, Union City, IN; d. 2005, Plainview, TX 1952-1953 Served remainder of Dabney's term
8* Anthony William "Bill" Walvoord b. 1904, Holland, NE; d. 1975 1953-1955
9* Robert Venable Thompson b. 1917, Rowland, OK; d. 2008 1955-1959 (2 terms)
10* Glen C. Hoskins b. 1911, Carter County, MO; d. 1978 1959-1961
11* William B. "Bill" Strange b. 1921, Dallas, TX; d. 2012 1961-1963
12 Herbert M. "Herb" Ryan b. 1926, San Angelo, TX; d. ? 1963-1967 (2 terms)
13 Robert M. Porter (R) b. 1926, Monmouth, IL; d. 1991, Dallas, Texas 1967 Resigned mayorship; appointed federal judge by President Nixon in 1974; see Wikipedia article, Federal Judicial Center article
14 John L. Gordon b. 1917, Memphis, TN; d. 2002 1967-1969 Served remainder of Porter's term
15 Raymond D. Noah (R) b. 1932, New Mexico 1969-1983 (7 terms)
16* Martha Ritter (R) b. Spaulding Township, IA; d. 2018, Richardson, TX 1983-1987 (2 terms) First female Mayor of Richardson
17 Charles L. Spann b. 1941 (where?) 1987-1991 (2 terms) Currently lives in Athens, TX
18 Gary Slagel (R) b. 1944, IL 1991-2007 (8 terms) and 2009-2011 Total of 9 terms; longest serving Mayor of Richardson
19 Steve Mitchell (R) b. 1962 (where?) 2007-2009 Wikipedia article
20* Robert Lee "Bobby" Townshend b. 1933, Durant, OK; d. 2017 2011-2013
21 Laura Gibbs Maczka Jordan (R) b. Liberal, KS 2013-2015 Second female Mayor of Richardson; first former Mayor to be convicted of a felony; in 2021, sentenced to 6 years in federal prison for bribery and fraud. Wikipedia article
22 Paul Voelker (R) b. 1958, IA 2015-2023 (4 terms)
23 Robert "Bob" Dubey b. 1954, Dallas, TX 2023 to present Former High School coach.

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