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Timelines of Events in Richardson History

1840s    1850s    1860s    1870s    1880s    1890s    1900s
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Compared to many of the cities of the world, including several in the United States (such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia), Richardson is relatively "new." Its recorded history did not begin until 1841, when Texas was an independent republic and its northern reaches were vast open prairies, inhabited by vast herds of bison and nomadic Native American tribes. Nevertheless, Richardson has an eventful history.

To learn a little about Richardson's history, chose from the decades in the menu above. Please note that the timelines on this site do not purport to be all-inclusive and that the information each contains came from a variety of sources including local newspapers, magazines, and books. If you spot an error or if there is an event you think should be included, please send email to admin@richardsontxhgs.org.

Note: In each timeline, the letters "n.d." stand for "no date," which means we have not yet determined precisely when an event occurred during any given year. These will be gradually replaced with actual dates.

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