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How to Join

Anyone who is interested in history, particularly the history of Richardson, Texas, and/or genealogy, is eligible to join the Richardson Historical & Genealogical Society, and it's easy to do so. Just come to a meeting, give one of our two secretaries your name and contact info (physical address, email address, phone numbers), pay dues for the membership category you've chosen, and that's it! You don't even need to live in Richardson, but students must show a student ID in order to establish eligibility for reduced rate dues.


Membership Categories

The Constitution of the Richardson Historical & Genealogical Society creates six categories of membership:

  1. Individual members - Any person interested in the purposes of the society shall be eligible.
  2. Club members - Any non-commercial organization interested in the history of the Richardson area shall be eligible.
  3. Contributing and sustaining members - A person, group or firm offering special support to the objectives of the society shall be eligible.
  4. Honorary members - Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person whose activities have contributed to the objectives of the society. Honorary members shall be elected by a three-fourths vote of members present at an annual meeting, upon nomination by the board of director
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  6. Life members.
  7. Commercial or Business' members.


The Bylaws of the Richardson Historical & Genealogical Society state:.

Any person interested in the history of the Richardson area who applies for membership in any classification of membership and who tenders the necessary dues shall thereby become a member..

  1. Annual dues for students shall be one dollar ($1.00).
  2. Annual dues for single persons shall be twenty dollars ($20.00).
  3. Annual dues for a family (a married couple and children) shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
  4. Annual dues for clubs shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00).
  5. Annual dues for Commercial or business numbers shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
  6. Annual dues for sustaining members shall be fifty dollars ($50.00).
  7. Dues for life members shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) in one payment.
  8. Annual dues shall be payable in advance and members in arrears more than six months after payment is due shall be dropped. from membership.

In keeping with a decision made by the officers of the society at a meeting held on October 12, 2022, effective 2023, annual dues will be payable in January for the calendar year. Members joining during the year will be charged pro-rated dues.

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